Thursday, October 29, 2009

In the chapter "Latin America in Revolt," from How to Rule the World, Mark Engler describes how Morales and other new leaders in Latin America have been accused of "anti-Americanism," "populism" (260) and "demagoguery" (281). I think that these leaders are basically being acussed of using certain methods like taking advantage of peoples emotions and using that to promise the people what they want to hear. All leaders tend to lie just to gain the popularity and to win your vote. They try to convince you that they can provide and keep the country stabled and once their in office everything takes a turn.........to be continued =]

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Revised paragraph

After the collapse of soviet communism the world became more Americanized. People began watching their movies listening to their music, wearing their band of clothing and more importantly eating their food. “The restaurant was full of mothers and small children. Teenagers dressed in Nikes, Levis, and Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts sat in groups and smoked cigarettes ….Millions of other people at that very same moment were standing at the same counter, ordering the same food from the same menu, food that tasted everywhere the same”( pg 234). Today McDonalds has earned that symbolic role of America. McDonalds globalized over the past years and has had a big impact on people around the world. They attracted and tempted. McDonalds have managed to convince not only Adults but also young children that this is the better way of eating. This is usually how America goes about luring people in to their plans; by making them believe that this is how they want things to be, that life will be so much better after you try living the way an American lives.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

In this video, Stephan Colbert pretends to defend making money off disasters. Despite his jokes, Klein gets her argument across. Notice the connection she makes to Hurricane Katrina. How do you think this argument relates to our overall course theme of America's place in the world?

- In this video Naomi Klein explains how the government uses the shock tactic to make money off events and disasters that occur in the U.S. and i agree. The government knows exactly how to squeeze the money out of people. When these events happen people end up so dumb founded they depend on the government to know better and sort of lead a guiding path but instead they take the same money we think is being put to good use and do their own thing. This argument can be related to almost all of the reading that's being done in U.S. History. America tries to take advantage of another country and says their just trying to make the lives of the people there better. But are their intentions really that innocent? I doubt it. They say one thing and almost always mean the opposite. They only try to take advantage and benefit themselves. They don't even bother to give back or really help out the system of the colony.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What was your experience in writing the first essay like? How does it compare to the kinds of writing you've done in or out of the classroom before? What do you think would help you become a stronger writer?

- I don't think my essay was the best and i do believe i could have done better mostly because i sort of procrastanated. But compared to most of the other essays i've written it was more formatted, clear and made sense. Usually my thoughts would be all over the place and in the end it would be hard to put together. I'd usually make an outline and i guess i know now that, thats probably not the right way. I think i'd be a better writer if i spent more time settling the information before i put it on paper.